Our Latest Project: YOUSTART.ME
27 Apr 2015

Our Latest Project: YOUSTART.ME

The numbers of innovative and disruptive companies

27 Apr 2015

The numbers of innovative and disruptive companies that are raising incredible amounts of capital in the last five years are continually increasing. What attracts investors and significant funding firms are the high and fast earning potential of these companies. But as the checks get bigger so are the names that, for a matter of fact, are always the same and the future is not promising in this regard.

The gap between the very top venture capital firms and the rest of the industry will widen even more than it is today. Top companies who can organize these sorts of easy growth rounds can promise almost unlimited capital to their entrepreneurs, eliminating the ban of fundraising for founders, and small private investors.

We are well aware of this problem and this is the main reason why we decided to invest in YOUSTART.ME. Thanks to the growing popularity and success of crowdfunding platforms, even ordinary people want to endorse and invest in new ideas that they believe in, but the main problem with this tools is that the same persons that put money in advance cannot receive a pay-back and most of the time they won’t either receive the product they paid for.

YOUSTART.ME is a real time funding and trading platform designed to speed up and facilitate investments in virtually all kinds of start-up projects. It offers a quick, simple and transparent way to fund ideas and. In addition, it creates constant potential liquidity to investors, thanks to its user-generated secondary market.

These purchases and sales of ownership units are made available by a digital “equity-wallet” that enables transactions in a fast and secure way. Our wallet based process dramatically cuts the time necessary for a start-up to access funding and appeals to a broader range of investors.

As said before, the biggest problem we face with crowd funding platforms is that young entrepreneurs have to overlook the lack of experience. So even when the young entrepreneurs get funded for their ideas or projects, they cannot accomplish and finish what they started. To solve this point, YOUSTART.ME will also provide on-going user-based enterprise valuations, made available by expert mentors, together with intensive promotion and interaction, accessible to all participating members and more.

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